A paper on performance art, audience agency and telling people what’s going to happen

In December 2014 Performance Ethics Working Group lead researcher Melissa Laing gave a conference paper at the Cultural Studies Association Australasia conference about how harm is constructed in performance art and to whom: the artist, the audience, institutions and the work itself. The conference took place at the University of Wollongong and also featured a launch of the Para-academic Handbook published by Hammer On Press and a multi day session on activism. You can listen to a recording of the conference paper by clicking here:

The paper used excerpts from the interviews with Sally J. Morgan, Mark Jackson, David Cross, Sally Barnett, Craig Cooper and Brent Harris. The Q&A at the end is not included in the podcast.



How to cite this podcast: Melissa Laing, (2014). Performance Art, Audience Agency and the Institutional Desire for Advance Disclosure of Potential Harm, Paper presented at the Cultural Studies Association Australasia (CSAA) Conference 2014, Wollongong, Australia Available at: http://universitywithoutconditions.ac.nz/?p=786 [Accessed: Date].

Find out more about the CSAA conference here: http://lha.uow.edu.au/hsi/csaa2014/index.html

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