Isabelle Stengers Cosmopolitics I

The first reading group of 2016 will focus on the initial three volumes of Isabelle Stenger’s Cosmopolitics which were published in English in 2010.

Cosmopolitics explores the role and authority of science in modern societies and the ways it defines and claims objectivity, rationality, and truth. It neither accepts nor dismisses the claims of either philosophy or science rather it works to “renew our definition of what it is ‘to belong’ or ’to pertain’ to the world by diving deep into the sciences in order to extract their hidden cosmopolitcs” (Bruno Latour).

Isabelle Stengers, Cosmopolitics I, Trans Robert Bononno, 2010

The reading group takes place fortnightly on either Wednesday  6 – 7:30 pm starting in Albert Park and moving indoors as the weather cools, commencing on February 17.

For a full schedule and more information click here

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