Spinoza’s Ethics

The Ethics is Spinoza’s great masterwork that contains most of the principles of his philosophy. It can be notoriously daunting to read since large portions of it is written in “geometric” propositions rather than in paragraphed prose — but it is also one of the most rewarding books to read in the history of Western philosophy, partly because it contains so much (a whole theory of existence in less than 200 pages), and because it effectively offers a manual for human life: what it means to live well and be happy, to join forces with the other forces around us, to reconfigure our raging doubts and natural appetites into a state of equanimity, and to manage the inevitable human suffering that comes with being finite and mortal.

We will begin to read and discuss Spinoza’s Ethics in March in a reading group facilitated by Eu Jin Chua. For more information go to the course page

Book: Benedict de Spinoza, Ethics
Location: RM Gallery, 3 Samoa House Lane (off Beresford Square, Karangahape Road area)
Fortnightly, Mondays 6 – 7:30 pm
Begins: 6 March

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