Anti Oedipus Reading Group 12 June – 30 October

Reading Group
Book: Anti-Oedipus, Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari
Location: Alphabet City, 71 Mt Eden Road, Eden Terrace, Auckland (near the Power Station music venue, and Galbraith’s pub)
Fortnightly, Wednesdays, 7 – 8:30 pm
Download a printable schedule here:  schedule

About the book:
Anti-Oedipus, published in French in 1972 and English in 1982, is the first of two books Deleuze and Guattari wrote under the subtitle Capitalism and Schizoprenia. Described as a radical philosophical analysis of desire that shows how we can combat the compulsion to dominate ourselves and others, Anti-Oedipus has influenced many thinkers since its publication, in fields including litereary analysis, art, sociology and architecture.
An online version of the book can be found as a pdf here

About the reading group:
The reading group: is open to anyone who wishes to participate and we encourage you to forward this invitation to your networks. We will be reading and discussing specific sections each fortnight moving through the book. The group is facilitated by Melissa Laing [melissa at] and Robin Paulson [robin at] who will be learning alongside and with everyone who participates.

Session 1, 12th June
Preface (Michel Foucault)
1.1 Desiring-Production
1.2 The Body without Organs

Session 2, 26th June
1.3 The Subject and Enjoyment
1.4 A Materialist Psychiatry
1.5 The Machines

Session 3, 10th July
1.6 The Whole and Its Parts
2.1 The Imperialism of Oedipus
2.2 Three Tests of Freud

Session 4, 24th July
2.3 The Connective Synthesis of Production
2.4 The Disjunctive Synthesis of Recording
2.5 The Conjunctive Synthesis of Consumption-Consummation

Session 5, 7th August
2.6 A Recapitulation of the Three Syntheses
2.7 Social Repression and Psychic Repression
2.8 Neurosis and Psychosis

Session 6, 21st August
2.9 The Process
3.1 The Inscribing Socius
3.2 The Primitive Territorial Machine

Session 7, 4th September
3.3 The Problem of Oedipus
3.4 Psychoanalysis and Ethnology
3.5 Territorial Representation

Session 8, 18th September
3.6 The Barbarian Despotic Machine
3.7 Barbarian or Imperial Representation
3.8 The Urstaat

Session 9, 2nd October
3.9 The Civilized Capitalist Machine
3.10 Capitalist Representation
3.11 Oedipus at Last

Session 10, 16th October
4.1 The Social Field
4.2 The Molecular Unconscious
4.3 Psychoanalysis and Capitalism

Session 11, 30th October
4.4 The First Positive Task of Schizoanalysis
4.5 The Second Positive Task
Introduction (Mark Seem)

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  1. Hi, is it OK to come along this Wednesday if I have missed the first session, but I catch up on the reading?