Being and Time by Martin Heidegger

Reading Group
Book: Being and Time by Martin Heidegger Division 1
Location: Auckland Central Library, Te Marama Room,
Level 1, 44 – 46 Lorne St, Auckland CBD (far corner behind the Level 1 assistance desk)
Fortnightly, Wednesdays, 6 – 7:30 pm
Begins 8 April, 2015

We will be reading Division 1 of Martin Heidegger’s Being and Time over 7 fortnights.

Martin Heidegger’s Sein und Zeit, Being and Time is one of the significant philosophical texts of the 20th Century. First published in 1927, the book has exerted a huge influence on both philosophy, and other areas as diverse as architecture, contemporary art, social and political theory, psychotherapy, psychiatry and theology. Hubert Dreyfuss* described Being and Time as “both a systematization of the existential insights of Kierkegaard and Nietzsche and a radicalization of Husserl’s phenomenological account of intentionality”

In the book Heidegger set himself the task of the “destruction” of the philosophical tradition, inventing new terminology and ways of thinking stating that “our aim in the following treatise is to work out the question of the sense of being and to do so concretely.”

Heidegger, himself is not unproblematic, one of a number of German philosophers who joined the Nazi Party, he never explicitly renounced National Socialism. The recent publication of his Black Notebooks has underscored Heidegger’s embrace of anti semitic attitudes and reignited the debate on the value of his work.

Week 1 April 8
pp 21 – 64 (H2 – H40) (43 pp)
Dennis Beech from the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University provides a list of Greek and Latin translations for the Introduction that can be found here and here

Week 2 April 22
Division 1 Chapters I – II
pp 65 – 90 (H41 – H62) (25pp)

Week 3 May 6
Division 1 Chapter III Sections 14 – 20
pp 91 – 127 (H63 – H102) (36 pp)

Week 4 May 20
Division 1 Chapter III Section 21 – Chapter IV
pp 128 – 168 (H102 – H129)  (40 pp)

Week 5 June 3
Division 1 Chapter V  Section 28 – 33
pp 169 – 203 (H130 – 167) (34 pp)

Week 6 June 17
Division 1 Chapter V Section 34 – Chapter VI Section 41
pp 203 – 241 (H160 – H196) (pp 38)

Week 7 July 1
Division 1 Chapter VI Section 42 – 44
pp 241 – 273 (H196 – H230) (32 pp)

The page numbers refer to the Macquarrie and Robinson translation (with H# referring to pagination in later German editions)

You can download a scan of the text here

* has preserved the recordings of Hubert Dreyfus’ 2007 lectures on Heidegger. You can access them here

About the reading group:
The reading group: is open to anyone who wishes to participate and we encourage you to forward this invitation to your networks. We will be reading and discussing specific sections each fortnight moving through the book. The group is facilitated by Melissa Laing [melissa at] who will be learning alongside and with everyone who participates.

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