Finance’s Role In Society – Study Group

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There is growing awareness of the influence of finance in today’s world – an influence extending to all aspects of life. The centrality of finance in our society was demonstrated in the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, but also today as finance wields the power to impose austerity measures unwillingly on populations and appoint unelected officials to the highest positions of political power.
From the 13th of January, we will be running an informal study group, to investigate the workings of finance, titled ‘Finance’s Role in Society’. This course is open to all, no prior knowledge required – we will all be starting from scratch.The purpose of the course will be 1) to familiarise us with concepts used in financial and economic literature, that we may be able to make sense of the financial news 2) be able to make sense of this information by understanding the role of finance in the wider functioning of society and the economy and therefore be able to assess whether this information is of any significance to us.

The location of the first meet will be in ‘Relax Lounge’, which is on Princes Street opposite Albert Park, on the University of Auckland campus. The topic for investigation will be the Financial Times, regarded as one of the premier financial newspapers. We will read the FT, and research any topics we don’t understand, using resources from the University library, the web, and anything else which is relevant.

Please contact robin for more information.

All welcome.

Time: 3 – 4pm, 13th of January, and every Friday from then on
Place: Relax Lounge, Princes Street