Making and Talking Temporary Objects Series

“They ease back into Earth and allow people to keep creating, rather than be tied to the objects that already exist.”

“We all know the pleasure of making things and making temporary things is an excellent, low-impact way to pass the time. Imagine a world full of such things – it would have so much more creative possibility and beauty than the world we live in now.”

(Niki Harre – Temporary Objects)

In Making and Talking Temporary Objects we will see what we can learn by creating temporary objects together and imagining a pleasurable and beautiful “world of such things” with some help from relevant texts and other materials.

Continuing and collaborating with Xin Cheng’s Living, Making, Together series [1] [2] this series meets in the living, ever-changing, decomposing Organic Making Space in Mairangi Bay, near the Mairangi Arts Centre.

Each meeting we will experiment and play with making temporary things with resources at hand and encounter a short passage of text (a quote or paragraph from a longer text) to be pulled out of a hat to use as a foothold for a roaming discussion.

Various snacks will be provided but feel welcome to bring something frugal and hand-made to snack on together, and a word, quote or short passage of text that you think is relevant to add to our lucky dip of text-based inspiration. Any other interesting stuff also welcome.

Ideas and suggestions for activities most welcome.

Location: Mairangi Bay Park (the end near the tennis courts) (5mins walk from bus stop in Mairangi Bay Village, free parking available for drivers) – MAP
Time: Drop in any time between 5.00-7.00 most Mondays in December (5, 12, 19) 2016 and January (9, 16, 23) 2017.
Transport: If you are coming from the CBD the 86X Bowns Bay (e.g. from Wellesley St Opp Albion) will get you there in around 28 mins. If you prefer the Northern Express Chris can pick up/drop off a group at the Constellation bus station.

The gatherings are open to anyone who wishes to participate – children, people with or without ‘gold’ cards, various abilities… –  and we encourage you to forward this invitation to your networks.

The caretaker of this series is Chris Berthelsen ( / 022-0854-866 – | along with Xin Cheng ( who transmits powers from Hamburg.

Images from projects by Xin and Chris