Performance Ethics Working Group Overview

The Performance Ethics Working Group is research cluster in the University Without Conditions. As the name indicates the core focus of the Performance Ethics Working Group is the intersection of ethics with contemporary performance practices across and between the fields of theatre, dance, live and visual arts.

Led by Melissa Laing the working group’s structure is very informal, coalescing around a question or event. To date the Performance Ethics Working Group has published podcasts and essays as well as convened discussions and given papers on ethics and performance.

In 2016 The Performance Ethics Working Group has been invited to undertake an onsite research project, alongside the exhibition Share Cheat Unite at Te Tuhi. We are currently constructing the research question and framework. At the moment we know we want to focus on the role and practice of conversation as a tool or formal strategy within contemporary art.

The University Without Conditions is a free university and self-organising collective, without ties to Government or corporations. It exist not to produce ‘degrees for jobs’, but to enable a human being to improve themselves and the society in which they exist.